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Hospitality graduate

Hospitality graduates become the fastest opportunity to be able to work on cruise ships. The reason, of course, is that cruise ships in other languages ​​are also known as Floating Hotels. That means, you will work in a hotel on a cruise ship.

Hotel Work Experience Letter

Before you register to take part in the selection of employee recruitment at official employment agencies for cruise heads, you must have a minimum 6 months Training Experience Letter and a Work Experience Letter from a Star Hotel for a minimum of 1 year of service.

Fluent in English

Fluent in English in the sense here does not mean proficient. At least you can communicate fluently using English, especially those that are directly related to your world of work.

Participate in the Selection of Cruise Ship Employment Agencies

After you already have a graduation certificate from the Hospitality Education Institute, you have reached 21 years of age, there is 6 months of training experience, there is a minimum of 1 year of work experience in star hotels and fluent in English, then you can take part in the selection at the official agencies of ship work suppliers. cruise. Make sure the agent you are aiming for is an official agent that is legally and reputable, has been publicly recognized and is truly trusted.

Complete Requirements Documents

After you are declared to have passed the selection results at the cruise ship employment agency, the agent will ask you to complete various documents as complete requirements. Among them are Passports, Basic Safety Training Certificates, Seaman's Books, Medical Check-Ups and Visas. Some agents upon request of cruise ship companies may require additional documents such as Marlin Test Document or KTKLN (Overseas Manpower Card, ed).

Make a passport

Passport is a substitute for our identity while abroad. To be able to get a passport, you must come to the immigration office to register yourself as a prospective passport recipient. After you fill in the data, you will be interviewed by immigration about your need to have a passport.

Basic Safety Training Certificate

Basic Safety Training is a basic training in self-rescue actions while working on a cruise ship during an emergency. Everyone who wants to work on a cruise ship is required to have this certificate. You can follow and get this certificate at training places that hold Basic Safety Training.

Seaman Book

To be able to get the Seaman Book or Seaman Book, you must already have a BST certificate. Don't turn it upside down. If for Passport management you have to come to the immigration office, then for the seaman's book you have to come to the harbormaster's office which is usually around the port area.

Medical Check-Up

Cruise ship companies require all their workers to be in good physical condition and free from viruses or other infectious diseases. For this reason, you need a certificate that fully explains your health condition. So what is meant by Medical Check-Up here is that you do a thorough examination of the condition of your health and body.

Making Visa

The last document you need before leaving for work on a cruise ship is a cruise ship work visa. A visa is a kind of ticket or sign that you can enter a country or region abroad. Without having a visa, even though you already have a passport, of course you cannot enter a country or region abroad. Visa itself consists of several categories. There are residence visas, tourist visas, education visas, work visas and so on.

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